Remember The Fallen.

Bronze Star Recipient (as the Veteran Community know her as"Dee AUSA" and I on WESH 2 NEWS

โ€‹โ€‹โ€‹Never Forgotten Memorials

Icon Lee Greenwood " God Bless the USA", "Kat Skipper" 1st female Marine in Logistical Combat and True Patriot " Cheryl M Arellano.

Westgate resorts 2019 military weekend for the 8th consecutive year CEO David Siegal and Jacqueline Siegal are proud to honor and celebrate Our US military personnel and their families there were about 3,000 veterans families in attendance. David and Jacqueline Siegel are great supporters of the military and they only know how to give back to the community!!! Along with actor and Great Patriot Gary Sinise, Governor Ron DeSantis, Lee Greenwood. Military families with free vacations in Orlando planning special events for them while they were here. The families stayed at David's Westgate Resorts. Gary presented a Unbelievable!!! concert with his Lt. Dan Band and they closed with David's friend Lee Greenwood singing his iconic "God Bless the USA". The exciting evening closed with fireworks ๐Ÿงจ

Governor DeSantis is a Navy veteran and still a member of the Navy Reserve. He wants Florida to be the friendliest military state in the entire country!!!

David and Gary have been doing this wonderful project for several years and there's rarely ANY publicity on it !!! 
And the food was out of this world. As a veteran in The Orlando area for over a generation and once worked for Westgate in the mid 90"s, every veteran who went, wants to thank you from the bottom of their hearts.

"Gary Sanise" who played LT Dan in Forest Gump and bass player for the LT Dan Band & Founder of Never Forgotten Memorials "Dave Matthews" Global War On Terrorism Veteran 2004

David and Jacqueline Siegal